About Leama

LEAMA LOGISTICS is a company focusing on innovative logistics services. With logistics experts, information technology and logistics experience, and with numbers of partner companies of air and sea cargo consignment around the world, LEAMA LOGISTICS provides flexible, diversified and competitive international import and export logistics services to the global corporate and overseas local companies.

LEAMA LOGISTICS is committed to human resources and information technology as the basis for creating high-quality products and services program. With the passion for perusing excellence and commitments of excellent products and services for the development of enterprise clients, we will do our best in every aspect of our business to be a successful partner to help clients.


air cargo consignment, sea cargo agent, international express, and contract project logistics, insurance agents and other international comprehensive logistics services; In the import and export logistics, LEAMA LOGISTICS also has the experience and skills of bonded logistics, warehouse management, and dangerous goods solutions. In order to effectively manage goods and expand services, LEAMA LOGISTICS specifically provides customers with one-stop service and optimal logistics solutions through innovation of information technology, improvement of the logistics system security applications, and the combination of a variety of means of transport and logistics technology.