Environment Policy

To protect our natural environment and resources, and seek for the sustainable development of the environmental protection idea, and to be responsible for the society spirit to protect us now and in the future of the natural environment and resources.

Energy conservation and emission reduction
Energy savings can help protect the environment, and can make the enterprise to reduce spending. To promote the use of environmental protection technology, low cost to realize enterprise benefit and social responsibility of win-win.

Green office
Make your office work environment more environmental protection, is the collective from all walks of life call, is also the guarantee of health staff. Advocate Green office, in detail place physically, reduces energy consumption and because of work from the waste.

Legal requirements
1) abide by national, provincial and local make of the environmental protection regulations rules and regulations. Where possible, it will take more than rules and regulations for higher practice;
2) adhering to the principle of the protection of the environment, by reducing consumption, reuse and recycling methods, effectively reduce the pollution and waste generation;
3) in making business plans, design planning and development foundation construction, consideration together various environmental factors, meet or exceed the state environmental protection requirements;
4) through the use of safety, environmental protection and recycling of materials and energy, reduce the environmental pollution and destruction;
5) conforms to the already the implementation regulations and the requirements of the law, and conclude a regulation outside of the internal guidance, in order to achieve good ecological protection effect.
To prevent pollution, save energy and reduce product waste
6) in the planning decision and operation process, must consider how to prevent pollution, save energy and reduce waste generation.

We promise to provide resources to perform this policy, and to fulfill the environmental protection policy and its sustainable development plan as an important task and all its employee's responsibility.